Okay. Its been so long si ce last i update here.
These days ive been busy with so much things. Theatre, college and etc.

So here’s a story i want to share.
Last week, there was one guy add me on wechat. But before that, we already friend on instagram. Just friend. We dont know each other and we never say hye to each other. So on that day, im the one who try to add him at wechat since he puts his id in his bio. But then, i refused to add so i comment on his picture about the food he post for the first time. Yes, he replied. But later then, i was so surprised that he add me at wechat. I was lime, “gosh! Am i dream or what? He add me instead of me add him. What a coincidence”
Then the next early morning, he chat with me. My heart so fluttered that time. After a day or two, he confessed to me about his feeling. Who are not surprised?!!! Like you just knew him then he confessed to you. Hahaha. What can i do. I just say ok about his feeling. Later then, i speak truthful to him that i also like him. So we didnt have any relationship right now. Just me and him try to understand and know and learn about each other more and more. Now, he and me just keep praying for the both of us. If we both are mean to be, we will. So thats all for this mornight. Haha. Goodbye~ ❤️

28th May

The day i spent a whole day with him
The most furthest journey we travel by ourselves
Really enjoy the day
Got to watch a movie
Then had a meal together
I do miss this day.

In a few days
We all gonna separate
Heading to
Our own routes
Our own roads

Soon we will meet again :)


Watching the night view of cairo on the top of a hill. Having a cup of mint tea. Sitting. Watching. Hearing. Thinking.
Ya Allah, guide me to the right path.
Ya Allah, i miss umi.
Ya Allah, please make me strong to face everythings.
Amin ya rabb